Learn about Notes!

To begin, let us look at some of the common notes of both the treble clef staff and the bass clef staff.

Grand Staff with Labelled Notes

The top clef is the treble clef, also known as the "G" clef. This clef is normally used for higher pitched instruments. The bottom clef is the bass clef, or the "F" clef. This clef is normally used for lower pitched instruments. Note: You will only be reading music from one of these clefs, unless you are playing piano, in which one hand will play each clef.

Next, we have note frequencies. Though knowing these frequencies may not help right as you are beginning, they can help you to correctly tune your instrument, which becocmes important while trying to perform with others. You are not expected to memorize the values in the table.

C C# D Eb E F F# G G# A B Bb
4 261.6 277.2 293.7 311.1 329.6 349.2 370 392 415.3 440 466.2 493.9

To conclude, here is a video from Khan Academy, explaining the mathematical values of notes within music.

If you would like to learn more from Khan Academy, please visit the Khan Academy Youtube page. (a transcript can be found on this Khan Academy Youtube transcript link).